Presentation by Gunnar Hökmark, MEP, on the opportunities and challenges coming from 5G and the digital economy – at the EU High Level Dialogue on Spectrum-Related Issues

3rd of February 2016 from 13:00, Charlemagne Building, Rue de la Loi, Brussels   Ladies and Gentlemen,   The development of digital services is day after day leaving a surprised world behind it.   Forecasters, experts, politicians and business people have time after time underestimated not only the speed and Läs mer…

Pressmeddelande: Vi behöver kraftigt höja ambitionerna i EU:s digitala agenda

– Den digitala ekonomin är EU:s viktigaste tillväxtmotor. För att utnyttja dess fulla potential krävs ambitiösare mål och konkreta reformer. Det säger Gunnar Hökmark, vice ordförande för Europaparlamentets största partigrupp EPP-gruppen och parlamentets rapportör för radiospektrum och för EU:s bredbandsriktlinjer när Europaparlamentets Industriutskott idag diskuterade nästa steg i EU:s digitala Läs mer…

Opening speech at the Fiber-to-the-Home conference, London

”First of all, new services, innovations and information flows must grow, flourish and create economic growth without being dependent on technological speeds and capacities of the past.

Secondly, Europe needs to raise its game and ambitions if we are going to reap the benefits of the new digital revolution.

Thirdly, Europe must talk less about megabytes and more about gigabytes.”