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Speech in the parliamentary debate on climate change

Gunnar Hökmark (EPP-ED) – Mr President, we have two tasks to fulfil: one is to reduce CO2 emissions and the other is to ensure that we can meet the changes that follow climate change. They both require that we have the resources for investment, that we have the opportunities for growth and the opportunities to take care of the environment. Limits and goals are important in this, but it is just as important to take action that is compatible with economic growth and resources for investments in order to safeguard what we must do.

Sometimes we can look at the more practical and realistic actions. I shall mention only two. Long-truck combinations are one of the more substantial ways of reducing CO2 emissions regarding road transport. Commissioner, President-in-Office: you can do something about that as a practical action that will have a substantial result.

The second task concerns energy policy. Phasing out nuclear power in the way and at a pace that is being planned in today’s Europe is a secure way of getting increased CO2 emissions. If we succeed in launching more renewable energy sources, then the phasing-out of nuclear power will reduce the gains and maybe we will get into minus with increased CO2 emissions.

I should like the German Presidency to take the lead in a new policy. You should do that not in order to solve the greenhouse effect, as some say, but in order not to make things worse. We must at least keep the same share of energy coming from nuclear power that we have today in order not to increase CO2 emissions.

We need high-tech, not low-tech; we need more trade, not less trade; we need more investments, not less investments and we need more growth, not less growth. The challenge is to combine those things, and I look forward to your reply on my two certain tasks, however politically uncomfortable it might be for you.