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Hearing about Nuclear Waste Management

Among specialists on nuclear waste management speaking at the hearing were Commissioner Andris Pielbalgs as well as Herbert Reul MEP, who is rapporteur on conventional energy sources and energy technology – sustainable power generation from fossil fuels.

”But this increases the need for the nuclear waste issues to be resolved, solved, and streamlined. There are positive signs of progress”, continued Gunnar Hökmark, ”also on how we are to deal with waste management; through storing, reprocessing, destroying or using other means of disposal in order to prevent radiation exposure to humans and the environment.”

”It is equally important to spread the word about the benefits of nuclear industry. We have to make known also the important benefits of applications of nuclear technology to all aspects of a modern society.”

”In the realm of public safety and crime fighting, the use of radioisotopes in smoke detectors, exit signs, and airport runway lighting has saved countless lives. Nuclear techniques have proven to be powerful forensic tools for fighting crime. It also used for high-sensitivity sensors and diagnostics in fighting terrorism.”

”Medical applications range from diagnostic tests to treating aggressive cancers. Perhaps half of all patients who enter modern hospital are touched in some way by radiation technology, whether by diagnosis, treatment, or equipment sterilisation. It also has agricultural, industrial and other applications.”

”It is important that we are all out there spreading the word about the benefits of nuclear industry and putting its risks in proper perspective”, concluded Gunnar Hökmark MEP.