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Georgia belongs to Europe – press release

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”Through a politicization of the judicial system, the Georgian Government is on its way to undermine the country’s democracy. It is reprehensible to include the judicial system as a part of the Government’s measures against leading opposition representatives. It is unacceptable that representatives for the political majority and the Government are threatening the opposition with legal actions.”

”The Georgian Government came into existence through peaceful and democratic elections, but is now risking forfeiting their inheritance. Their actions are jeopardizing Georgia’s future qualifications for a deeper cooperation with the European Union.” This was said by Gunnar Hökmark when he today opened the EPP Group Conference on ”Where is Georgia heading?”.

Georgia belongs to Europe and should be aware that there is an open door to enhanced cooperation. Therefore, it is now of vital importance that the present Georgian Government demonstrate proof of respect for both the opposition and for the fundamental rules of the rule of law, concluded Gunnar Hökmark.