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Brevet till Minsk

Dear European Friends! Stockholm the 23rd of March 2006

Europe’s eyes are on Minsk and Belarus these days. We are proud of the Europeans that
stand up for freedom and democracy while risking their own freedom. We are proud that the values of freedom in that part of Europe that is Belarus stand so strong that European citizens of all ages dare to stand up against suppression and against those who are refusing them their right as citizens.

We are closely following what is happening day by day. No one should believe that violence and brutal force against Europeans will be forgotten or hidden in our Europe. You are all a part of Europe and you are all entitled to the freedom that is the air of democratic societies.

Those who are committing acts of violence and brutality, those who are denying you the same democracy as all other Europeans enjoy will not be forgotten. They are against us all, they are against the rule of law and they are against common European values. Like so many others of their kind they will be the losers and their names will be remembered as those who tried to hinder freedom but were defeated by peaceful democrats. That’s how they will be judged and that’s why we all express our support for you, because it is you who are our European friends in Belarus.

Best regards!

Gunnar Hökmark

Member of European Parliament and head of the Swedish delegation to EPP-ED