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Anförande i plenum om Danmarks EU-ordförandeskap

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Gunnar Hökmark (PPE). – Mr President, I would like to offer the Prime Minister my congratulations.

As a Swede, it is easy to be committed to – and also to be proud of – the Danish agenda, although it has a slight Social Democrat touch, but I think it is important to see the big challenge that the Danish Presidency is facing. At a time when we risk a division in Europe in the process of deciding how to achieve financial stability, it is very important that the Presidency be able do whatever is needed in order to take care of the entire European Union and to bind Member States together. The process of the internal market, and of launching a new wave of reform for the internal market, is one of the most important ways of binding Europe together, and also of regaining economic strength and dynamism. I hope this will be a core item on the Danish Presidency agenda.