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Ignoring our problems leads only to crisis – Gunnar Hökmark on

The Commission’s decision to turn a blind eye to the deficits of Spain and Portugal does not bode well for the future. It may yet lead to another crisis and undermine our rules-based Union. The European Commission still has another … Continue reading


Speech in plenary: Our values are stronger than your hate

The tragedies in Norway this summer hit us all. As parents, neighbours and fellow human beings, and as participants in the political life, regardless of political wievs we know them all, the young committed, the idealists, with the interest for … Continue reading


You have friends in the EU – Article in EurActiv

Guest blog post by Bendt Bendtsen MEP, Gunnar Hökmark MEP, Krišjanis Karins MEP, Tunne Kelam MEP, Gabrielius Landsbergis MEP, Henna Virkunnen MEP. We, six Nordic and Baltic members of the European Parliament, are great admirers of the UK and its … Continue reading

Parliament Magazine

The times when telecom was telecom are long times passed- Article in The Parliament Magazine

The times when telecom was telecom are long times passed. It is not about people talking, it is about our societies and economies walking with a lead into the future. Mobile telephony has developed into the creation of a truly … Continue reading


Presentation by Gunnar Hökmark, MEP, on FTTH and digital agenda targets – at the Fiber to the Home Council Conference “Calling for a Brighter Future”

February 17th 2016 from 11:45, LUXEXPO, Luxembourg City Ladies and Gentlemen,   For me the goal is quite simple. Europe needs to be number one.   If you want to be number one you need to take certain actions in … Continue reading


3G was modernisation, 4G was and is digitalisation, 5G is industrialisation- Artikel The Digital Post

The introduction of 3G was a huge modernisation. It was a revolution for mobile telecom and gave Europe the lead. Mobile telephony was suddenly a popular phenomenon, creating new opportunities and new accessibility. Today there are more mobile phone subscriptions … Continue reading

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Presentation by Gunnar Hökmark, MEP, on the opportunities and challenges coming from 5G and the digital economy – at the EU High Level Dialogue on Spectrum-Related Issues

3rd of February 2016 from 13:00, Charlemagne Building, Rue de la Loi, Brussels   Ladies and Gentlemen,   The development of digital services is day after day leaving a surprised world behind it.   Forecasters, experts, politicians and business people … Continue reading


Russia, IS: EU values under attack – artikel i EU Observer

Little more than two weeks ago, as the world turned its eyes towards the vicious terrorist attacks in Paris, violence once again flared up in Ukraine. The current state of affairs is clear: on several fronts, the core values of … Continue reading