EU-Georgia Parliamentary Association Committee

Ahead of the 4th EU-Georgia Parliamentary Association Committee meeting on 15-16 February in Strasbourg, Gunnar Hökmark underlined the importance of media plurality and expressed concerns of adverse effects on medial pluriality in the case of the independent television channel Rustavi 2. … Continue reading


Nord Stream 2 is incompatible with Energy Union – article in EU Observer

Ever since the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project was launched by Gazprom, the Russian state controlled global energy company that holds the world’s largest gas reserves, its aims and consequences have been debated in capitals around our union. Since Nord … Continue reading


When Trump makes America small, Europe must stand tall – article in EUObserver

Donald Trump is certain he is going to make his country great again – by turning its back to the world, by building walls and by saying no to foreign people, goods and services. But it won’t work. Trump’s nativism … Continue reading


Ruotsin ja Suomen jäsenyys Natossa vakauttaisi Itämeren tilannetta – article in Suomen Kuvalehti

Gunnar Hökmark skriver här tillsammans med Henna Virkkunen (EPP-FI) och Bendt Bendtsen (EPP-DK) i Suomen Kuvalehti om vikten av ökat europeiskt försvarssamarbete och Nato. Sotilaallinen jännite Itämerellä on kasvanut Venäjän Ukrainaan kohdistamien aggressioiden ja Krimin Venäjään liittämisen myötä. Venäjän ilmavoimien … Continue reading

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Ignoring our problems leads only to crisis – Gunnar Hökmark on

The Commission’s decision to turn a blind eye to the deficits of Spain and Portugal does not bode well for the future. It may yet lead to another crisis and undermine our rules-based Union. The European Commission still has another … Continue reading


Speech in plenary: Our values are stronger than your hate

The tragedies in Norway this summer hit us all. As parents, neighbours and fellow human beings, and as participants in the political life, regardless of political wievs we know them all, the young committed, the idealists, with the interest for … Continue reading


You have friends in the EU – Article in EurActiv

Guest blog post by Bendt Bendtsen MEP, Gunnar Hökmark MEP, Krišjanis Karins MEP, Tunne Kelam MEP, Gabrielius Landsbergis MEP, Henna Virkunnen MEP. We, six Nordic and Baltic members of the European Parliament, are great admirers of the UK and its … Continue reading

Parliament Magazine

The times when telecom was telecom are long times passed- Article in The Parliament Magazine

The times when telecom was telecom are long times passed. It is not about people talking, it is about our societies and economies walking with a lead into the future. Mobile telephony has developed into the creation of a truly … Continue reading