Security challenges in the Eastern Partnership countries – Euronest working document

Gunnar Hökmark is the EP rapporteur of the Euronest report Security challenges in the Eastern Partnership countries and enhancing the role of the EU in addressing them.  This text is the working document which was discussed in Tbilisi 12 February 2018. … Continue reading


Why transnational lists are not a good idea – artikel i Euractiv

The Parliament and Council are set to decide on what to do with the 73 seats currently held by British MEPs. However, leaning towards transnational lists is not the answer because it is un-European and undemocratic, writes Gunnar Hökmark. The Parliament and … Continue reading

SonT - b; Luksep 019

To an outstanding activist for freedom at the International Conference in Memory of Peeter Luksep in Tallinn 27th January 2018

Gunnar Hökmark, MEP, in Tallinn the 27th of January 2018 at the International Conference in Memory of Peeter Luksep at the National Library of Estonia He who proved you can make a difference – A speech in honour of a good … Continue reading


Eastern Partnership – interview with Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

In an interview with Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Gunnar Hökmark gives his views on the EU’s relations with its Eastern partners in the political year of 2017 and the prospects for 2018.    


100 years after the October Revolution – speech in plenary session

Mr. Speaker, Some of the Members of this House have today compared the Soviet Union with the European Union, mixing up open borders, democracy, human rights, a market economy and democratic elections with the Iron Curtain and borders, torture, deportations … Continue reading


The future of the Eastern Partnership – speech in plenary session

Mr. Speaker, The Eastern Partnership is about a partnership for freedom, democracy, rule of law, and peace. That’s what we see, but also we see all the difficulties. When I listen to the colleagues over there, and some other colleagues over … Continue reading


Economic Ideas Forum

Gunnar Hökmark deltog den 7 oktober i Economic Ideas Forum 2017, arrangerat av Wilfried Martens Center. Under konferensen, vars tema var “New Europe, New Economy”, diskuterades ekonomiska utmaningar, globalisering, investeringar, digitala frågor och välfärd.


Clean Energy Package needs market, not just targets – Artikel i EUobserver

The political groups are now clashing on all fronts over the aims and targets of the Clean Energy Package. Negotiations are tough and the outcome difficult to predict. What is more, when the 2030 targets appear on the agenda, many … Continue reading