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Transatlantic link crucial for promoting democratic values

EPPGroup22”The Transatlantic link has a crucial role to play in promoting democratic values”, said EPP Group Vice-Chairman Gunnar Hökmark, at a seminar organised by the European Ideas Network, EIN, in Washington.
”Without a strong Transatlantic relationship, other powers and forces will undermine democracy and prosperity in the global community. If we are to avoid a further destabilisation of fragile democracies around the world, the USA and Europe must strengthen the Transatlantic cooperation and the efforts to spread democracy”, said Gunnar Hökmark.

”The Transatlantic economy is indispensable for enhancing economic and political freedom in today’s world. Further integration, open markets and free trade are all essential ingredients if the Transatlantic economy is to retain its global leadership and continue to act as a catalyst for democracy”, Gunnar Hökmark underlined.

”A close Transatlantic relation is the best answer to dictatorship and enemies of democracy”, concluded Hökmark.

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