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"There are no employees without employers!"

”Mr President, is it not a little odd that when we discuss how to make Europe more competitive, in order to get more jobs, that the discussion is leaning more towards the belief that jobs can be created through new regulations? That is not the case.

I should like to disclose a secret to our Socialist friends here today: in order for there to be employees, there needs to be employers – there are no employees without employers. Their main problem is that, they are so eager to believe that jobs can be created through regulations, they forget that the preconditions and opportunities for new enterprises and new jobs need to be created, because there is no bigger social failure than unemployment and there is no bigger social success than every new job we can achieve in Europe and in our Member States.

I would like to underline what the President said about achieving results through the Lisbon Agenda. Let us not forget that the world is moving faster and we need to be more competitive; we need to be more entrepreneurial.

There are three things I would like him to consider at the European Council and later on. Firstly, concerning red tape and better regulation: I would like him to report annually on the achievements of reducing red tape in order to show that he will reach the goal by 2012 of 25% less red tape than exists today.

I would like him to also ensure that the Services Directive is implemented fully in each Member State as soon as possible. I would like him to ensure that we are facilitating new businesses through a more offensive and more active broadband policy.

I think our success in making Europe more competitive lies in making small and medium-sized enterprises able to act all over the internal market. That is a job we need to do and he should take the first steps, together with the Slovenian Presidency, at the end of this week.”