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The myth about the Nordic Model – article by Swedish economist Klas Eklund

It can be read in German here or in English by the link below.

It’s a good analysis and to my mind it underlines that we neither have a European social model, it is neither European, social or even much of a model, or a Nordic model. For real, we should leave the dream for a model that we all can use as a magic way to prosperity. The pure thought of “The Model” is wrong. It implies that there is a model that can solve our problems and bring success to our economies. A model is by definition static and an illusion about the perfect system for social and economic development. Such a model will always be more hindering for growth and employment than supporting it. That’s what we certainly have seen in Sweden and still se when the old regime backed up by new troops are defending the old society. Read Klas´ article below in English or above in German.