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The actions of Russia must have consequenses

The actions of Russia in Georgia are brutal and in conflict with fundamental international law. With military warfare against an independent and sovereign state are the Russian leadership trying to change the borders of Europe and overthrow a democratic regime. That is totally unacceptable. It is breaching not only international law but also rules that are at the core of the cooperation between European nations.

The European Union must make clear that negotiations about enlarged cooperation between EU and Russia won’t be possible as long as Russian invasion forces are inside the borders of Georgia. Ongoing projects, as regarding energy or economy, must be put on hold as long as Russia by its own actions demonstrate that it neglect laws and agreements that are fundamental to European cooperation.

In the longer perspective the Russian leaders must be made aware of that they are risking the Olympic winter games 2012.

If Russia doesn’t accept the rules of European cooperation it can’t be a part of it, stated Hökmark.