Gunnar Hökmark calls on the EU to react to Russia’s ’unacceptable’ use of military and economic pressure to exert its influence- Article in the European Magazine

Once again a curtain is descending across Europe, threatening to divide our continent between open, democratic societies governed by law, and societies where might is always right. The ancient European cities of Yerevan, Tbilisi, Baku, Chisinau and Kiev all risk ending up on the wrong side. Minsk, under the control Läs mer…

Press release: Need for urgent reforms of Europe’s pension systems

”The EPP Political Assembly has sent a clear message about the urgent need to create future sustainable pension systems across EU Member States. If Europe is to manage rapid demographic change and secure a well functioning pension system, current pension systems must be adapted to the conditions and opportunities of today’s society”, said Swedish MEP Gunnar Hökmark, Chairman of the EPP working group on Economic Policy, following the adoption by EPP’s political assembly last week of a resolution on Europe’s pension systems.