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Speech in the plenary debate in preparation of Preparation of the December European Council

I wish, secondly, to speak about globalisation. I think it is important to remember that it is globalisation that has made Europe into a leading world economy and that globalisation is a necessity if we are to be the world’s leading knowledge economy, because we will never be world leaders if we are only the best in Europe. We can never achieve results by protectionist measures. In the long term that will undermine the opportunities for jobs and prosperity, but it will not give us the opportunity to be a world-leading economy as well as defending European values.

That leads us to the conclusion that it is important that the European Council underlines all the efforts that are needed regarding energy legislation, telecom legislation, the internal market, trade and competition. Competition is not a fight between different personalities or identities. It is an opportunity for all to participate and to move Europe ahead. That is the way we should choose, and that is how we can use the Treaty in the absolute best way to respond to the global challenge. That opportunity has been given to us this week and we should use it.