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Socialists’ wait-and-see policies main threat to Euro and European welfare

”The Socialists are becoming the main threat to European welfare and prosperity. In a time when huge budget deficits have caused a unique crisis risking the stability of the Euro and the recovery of our economies, the Socialists defend policies that get Europe deeper into the trap of increased debt burdens”, stated EPP Group Vice-Chairman Gunnar Hökmark MEP, Spokesman on the sustainability of public finances, in the debate on the parliamentary report.

”When Greece, Spain and Portugal, together with the UK and Ireland, are taking action in order to bring down deficits, the Socialists are proposing to wait and see. With their proposals to wait, they are undermining the credibility of the actions of these governments.”

”We will not be able to face the economical challenges of the EU and the Euro without growth. But there will be no growth if there is no action to bring down deficits in order to restore confidence in European economies and the Euro. The Socialists are failing to take responsibility in a time when Europe and Europeans need responsible leadership”, said Hökmark.