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Priorities for the legislative and work programme of the Commission for 2009

Debate – Priorities of the European Parliament for the
legislative and work programme of the Commission for

Gunnar Hökmark (PPE-DE). – Mr President, 2009 will be, to put it mildly, a crucial year for achieving the goals of the Lisbon process. There are four matters that I would like to raise here today. The first one is the need to make real progress on the process of better regulation, where we all agree that we should reduce administrative burdens by 25% by 2012, and I think it would be appropriate for the Commission to demonstrate here in Parliament, year by year, that it is moving ahead in really achieving better regulation.

The second thing is research and innovation. The budget review is coming to an end, and it is crucial and of strategic importance that we now ensure that we can move ahead and put Europe in the forefront of research and innovation by contributing the proper financing.

The third thing is mobility of workers. That is one of the more dynamic aspects of the European Union where we have seen enormously good achievements that are contributing not only to the economy of Europe but also to individuals all over Europe. It is important not only that we do not make it more difficult – that we defend opportunities – but also that we make it easier also by discussing and reforming education in the framework of the Bologna Process, making mobility a reality to even more people.

Finally, 2009 will be an important year to take action on energy policy, where we currently have a number of legislative items going forward. There is legislation on the energy markets (which still has to be completed), on renewables, on effort sharing and on emission trading. Now it is also time to ensure that we can finalise this process and implement it in reality so that we have a good basis, not only for 2010 but for the further future, for being the best knowledge economy in the world.