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Press release: Freeing up spectrum an offer we can’t refuse. Gunnar Hökmark MEP

”If we do it the right way we will lay the ground for a boost of growth, establish a digital market that will serve as the spearhead for achieving a fully completed internal market, give the European information and service industry a global lead, and open up a European telecoms market where roaming belongs in the past, like black and white television”, explained Gunnar Hökmark MEP, Vice-Chairman of the EPP Group and Rapporteur on ’The Multiannual Radio Spectrum Programme’, speaking at the Radio Spectrum Summit under the Polish Presidency in Warsaw.

”In times of financial crisis and austerity, this is an offer we should not refuse.

”If we are to see the highest possible capacity and broadband speeds emerging from Europe, we must create one single digital market. If we are to realise the vision of a 500 million consumer market where telecom services know no borders, sufficient and appropriate spectrum must be made available within the Union. The differences of 27 different national markets must not stand in the way of European leadership.

”Some governments in Europe, as opposed to in the US and other parts of the world, say that we don’t need more, that they don’t think the traffic will grow at the same pace as all forecasts have said. They will be terribly wrong regarding the development and our opportunities. Derogations should be used when appropriate, but the default rule should be that Member States shall free up the 800 Mhz band for electronic communication services by 1 January 2013.

”I want us to be in the lead, to create a strong Europe where all SMEs, businesses and citizens can benefit from the many opportunities that the freeing-up of the 800 Mhz band will bring.

”This will enable us to get European services of a kind we have never seen before. It will, among other things, lay the ground for getting rid of roaming, making it history”, concluded Gunnar Hökmark.

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