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Plenary speech on future EU-UK relations

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”Madam President, when our own mini-Trump, Mr Farage, claims here in this plenary that the European Union is bullying the United Kingdom, it is his way of informing us that he now understands the consequences of Brexit. He understands that when you are leaving the internal market, you’re leaving it. When you are leaving the common legislation, you are leaving it. When you are leaving the cooperation for security, you are leaving it.

I must say it doesn’t take a mathematician to understand the consequences of that. But he now understands and he now blames the European Union for his propaganda. That is as Trump as you can get.

We need to be more grown up than that. The European Union, the European Parliament and the Commission – we are of course a part of the negotiations, but we must be more than that. We must take responsibility for Europe as such, for what is best for Europe; what is best for the United Kingdom, in spite of a disoriented government and political establishment; what is best for the remaining countries, and what is best for all of us regarding the economy, financial markets and security. Let’s have that in mind. We are not only part of the negotiations, we are responsible for the future of Europe.”