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”Mr. Barroso will have our support tomorrow” – anförande i plenum inför omröstningen

gunnar_hokmark3Gunnar Hökmark (PPE). – Madam President, Mr Barroso will have our support tomorrow. Not only because you are nominated by all 27 Member States, Mr Barroso, and not only because we need to start work, but also because you have presented a broad political agenda that addresses the main challenges of our time. Of course, we all have different views on that. We will call on initiatives from you and your Commission based upon the majority of this Parliament, not by trying to impose minority positions, and we will discuss and scrutinise your proposals and take decisions based upon the majority of this Parliament. That is how democracy works, and that is how we work. We are confident not only in you, but also in this Parliament. Just let me say that voting ‘no’ tomorrow without an alternative means that you do not have an alternative. At the same time as we are calling for action, there are those who want to stop the action. And I must say that with only weeks to go until the Copenhagen meeting, it is not responsible to act in such a way that we shall not have a leadership in place for the Commission. At a time when we need to deal with all the arrangements and legislation on financial markets, the alternative of saying ‘no’ to a new Commission is not responsible. And to act in a way that we cannot start the political process for economic recovery when jobs are threatened all over Europe is not responsible.Madam President, this vote tomorrow is very much a vote about the standing of the European Parliament. We, as parliamentarians, are saying that we want Europe to have leadership in the world, but we can never have global leadership if we cannot ensure leadership of the European Union. We will give you our support, and we will scrutinise the proposals, and we will discuss with you, because we have confidence in democracy and the majority we have in this Parliament. Good luck tomorrow.