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I Irans namn

“During his [BILD1]interrogation he was blindfolded and beaten with cables until he passed out. His captors rubbed salt into his wounds to wake him up, so they could torture him more. They held his head in a drain full of sewage until he inhaled it. He recalls yearning for a swift death to end the pain. He was played recordings of what he was told was his mother being tortured. His captors wanted him to betray his fellow students, to implicate them in various crimes and to say on television that the blood on that T-shirt was only red paint. He says he refused. ”
. Den iranska diktaturen lägger ner stor möda vid att framhålla att man är av muslimskt slag. Det är en ursäkt för brutalt förtryck som muslimer världen över borde reagera mot just eftersom det utövas i Islams namn.