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Human Capital: Mobility key to the Lisbon Strategy

”An important part of the challenge to make Europe the leading knowledge economy is to develop education as well as the labour market and encourage entrepreneurship whereby individuals can make use of their full potential”, said EPP-ED Group Vice-Chairman Gunnar Hökmark, speaking on the issue of human capital at the 3rd Parliamentary meeting on the Lisbon Strategy in Brussels.

”Instead of the desired high mobility in the labour market we have the opposite. This restricts the possibilities to find new, more suitable jobs, providing variety which aids the development of personal skills throughout one’s working life.”

”The challenge is to enhance mobility in a common labour market where the right person gets the right job, where men and women have equal opportunities, where education and research have no borders, where innovation and research create new companies and where services can be marketed without boundaries in all Europe.”

”A Europe without firm competition on services will not be a competitive Europe on the global arena and the victims will be all those individuals whose full potential was never utilised”, said Hökmark.