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Gunnar Hökmarks yttrande om den Digitala Dividenden

Draft opinion of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs for the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy on Reaping the full benefits of the digital dividend in Europe: A common approach to the use of the spectrum released by the digital switchover (COM/2007/0700)

Draftsman: Gunnar Hökmark (EPP-ED)

The Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs calls on the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy, as the committee responsible, to incorporate suggestions in its motion for a resolution:

1. Underlines that the digital dividend provides Europe with unique opportunities to develop broadband and Internet and to remain a world leader in mobile multimedia technologies whilst bridging the digital divide, providing new opportunities for citizens, services, media and cultural diversity throughout the union,

2. Notes that technological convergence is a reality, offering traditional services new means and opportunities, emphasises that access to the parts of the spectrum that previously have been reserved for broadcasting is crucial in order to enable the emergence of new services,

3. Supports a common approach to the use of the spectrum in order to ensure optimal use of the digital dividend, allowing for broadcasters to continue with present services but allocating the digital dividend on the basis of neutrality,

4. Stresses the strategic importance of an EU environment where room for innovations, new technologies, new services and new entrants are guaranteed in order to enhance European competitiveness and cohesion. It is crucial that end users have freedom of choice regarding products and services in order to get a dynamic development of markets and technologies in Europe,

5. Is in favor of technology-neutral auctions in order to allocate frequencies that are freed by the digital dividend and making these tradable, warns however of spectrum fragmentation which leads to sub-optimal use of scarce resources, calls on the Commission to ensure that a common spectrum plan will not create new barriers to future innovation.