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Gunnar Hökmark on the digital dividend

 – The digital dividend should be allocated to actors and services which support sustainable economic growth, such as mobile broadband.  Swedish MEP Gunnar Hökmark said at a breakfast debate on ”The mobile broadband revolution”

 – Instead of encouraging old structures such as former state run monopolies, we must ensure that the future digital dividend is allocated to services that stimulate innovation and economic growth. Important political decisions over the next years will be necessary to make this happen. 

 Mr Hökmark further noted that:

  –  Global leadership in the digital economy is crucial for prosperity and competitiveness of the European Union. In order to keep up with rapidly evolving global markets we must free up the potential of EU’s internal market.  Reducing barriers for European ICT companies and entrepreneurs, by giving them full and real access to EU’s 500 million consumer market, is a first step to take up the challenges of todays global environment, concluded Mr Hökmark.