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Europe must be the place where new things happens first – comment on DSM package by Gunnar Hökmark MEP

Good that commission now moves ahead with the Digital Single Market, but important to remember that it must be global and globally competitive, says Gunnar Hökmark, Member of European Parliament.

– That calls for less new regulations and more room for new innovations!

– Ideas about quotas for European productions for TV-broadcasters belong to another time. The audience will choose the programmes, the movies and the entertainments it wishes for, not the one politicians call for. Proposals like this threaten to undermine the European development instead of making Europe the centre of the digital era.

– The same applies to so called platforms. They are new emerging services and markets at the same time and will change shape with new innovations and new competition. The platforms as such shouldn’t be regulated, the services must adapt to present laws and rules. If Europe is to be in the lead we can and shouldn’t regulate new generations of services but open up for their development.

EU now needs to secure that new things, from new services to new markets and new innovations – can happen in Europe and will happen here because they can happen here first due to legislation and the development of a Gigabit society in the lead for new generations of telecom, digital services and industry, says Hökmark.