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Estonia’s cause is Europe’s!

Estonia’s cause is a common cause for the entire EU, as the Russian escalation of hostile arguments and actions towards Estonia was targeting the entire Union, said EPP-ED Group Vice-Chairman Gunnar Hökmark in a statement after the upheavals in Tallinn and the subsequent Russian statements over the last days.

”The EU has to speak as one Union, with one voice of firm commitment, to protect and defend one of its member states as the Russian government now is interfering in internal Estonian matters. It is outrageous that Russian authorities now are meddling with and supporting nationalistic activists in Tallinn and threatening to boycott Estonian goods and obviously also obstructing normal transports between the two countries. Sovereignty of Estonia equals sovereignty of the European Union. This requires a firm and united reaction to Russia”, says Gunnar Hökmark.

”The obvious reason for Russia to interfere in Estonian internal affairs and support Russian nationalist’s actions is to enhance Russian influence in Estonia. It is a common European responsibility to ensure the failure of that tactics”, concluded Hökmark.