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100 years after the October Revolution – speech in plenary session

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Mr. Speaker,

Some of the Members of this House have today compared the Soviet Union with the European Union, mixing up open borders, democracy, human rights, a market economy and democratic elections with the Iron Curtain and borders, torture, deportations and executions.

I must say, you have not learned anything, and have not understood anything about democracy. It is a shame, and an insult to all those who suffered and lost their lives. It is also a shame that we still see people celebrating the so called Glorious Revolution of October 1917. They do not understand that totalitarian ideas will always lead to totalitarian dictatorship, totalitarian executions and deportations – because, when might goes before right, freedom is loosing and individuals suffer.

The core responsibility of the European Union is to be the firm and strong defender of human rights, democracy, open borders and a free society. That is why we need to understand the differences, because, if we do not, we lose some part of our freedom.

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