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Anförande i Europaparlamentets debatt om tjänster i allmänhetens intresse

I should like to underline in this debate that there is no call in the report for a framework directive or a horizontal framework of any kind, but there is an emphasis on legal clarity based on a sectoral approach and a call for sector-specific directives where they are needed.

Mr Barroso, you mentioned healthcare. We can look back and see how the sector-specific approach has been quite successful in recent years. So we are calling for legal clarity, based upon the sector-specific approach, and we look forward to seeing future sectoral directives. We underline that there is no legal basis in the Treaties for a proposal that would interfere with the internal market, competition rules or public procurement. We stress that this is an area in which there must be respect for Member States and for the principle of subsidiarity.

In the coming decades, we will see opportunities arising for more and more cross-border activities in new areas. I believe that there will be fantastic opportunities for patients to get better healthcare in different countries and that could also create vitality for the European economy. But we agree on the need to respect the internal market, at the same time as we respect subsidiarity.

I hope, Mr Barroso, that you will read this report and see the need to go further on sector-specific directives and the sector-specific approach, in order to create the legal clarity that also respects the principle of subsidiarity