Mobile data traffic: Exceptional growth pivotal to EU competitiveness. Gunnar Hökmark MEP

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”Addressing and supporting the exceptional growth in mobile data traffic is pivotal to securing the EU’s competitiveness and global leadership in the digital economy”, said Gunnar Hökmark MEP, Vice-Chairman of the EPP Group responsible for the European Parliament’s Report on the Radio Spectrum Programme, following a Hearing on Radio Spectrum.
”New spectrum for wireless broadband services must be made available as soon as possible to ensure that all Europeans are connected. The freeing up of additional spectrum must be made in a way that existing broadcasters and public services are compensated for any re-allocation costs.”

”Enhanced coordination and harmonisation of spectrum are necessary to fully exploit the potential of the internal market and to increase economic growth in Europe”, concluded Gunnar Hökmark.

For further information:
Gunnar Hökmark MEP, Tel: +32-2-2845822
Per Heister, Press and Communications Service, Tel: +32-496-645530

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