Fischer om ett Europa som förlorar i tyngd

Publicerat av Gunnar Hökmark den

Joschka Fischer, tidigare grön och tysk utrikesminister varnar i en artikel i EU Observer för ett Europa som ”fades away”, artikeln är väl värd att läsa inte minst för miljöpartister och andra som i världens problem ser ett Europa i samarbete.

Möjligvis kan man säga att det inte främst är de institutionella reformerna som kan förändra detta, utan de ekonomiska som kan ge Europa ökad global styrka och betydelse.

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Bentosepuluh · 10 februari 2012 kl. 12:02

Adam, I would agree with you that Mars sholud be colonized but that we sholud go to the Moon first. But I say this for a different reason. Namely, that we need an off-Earth, self-sustaining colony as a back-up in case humanity destroys itself. Please allow me to ask you some specific questions:- Do you believe that it is possible (let’s say 2% or greater) that someone will develop self-replicating technology sometime around mid-century which could pose an existential threat? Perhaps it would be a self-replicating echophagic chemical, nanosomething, accelerating AI, or an artificial bacteria to which we have no immune defense against?- Do you believe that it is faster / cheaper to colonize the Moon than it is to colonize Mars?- Do you believe that it is possible within reasonable budgets to construct a self-sustaining lunar base before about 2060-2070?If you answer yes to all three, then, wouldn’t the survival of mankind take priority over He-3 or deuterium? Shouldn’t survival be the driving motivation for what NASA sholud be doing next?Note: Both motivations to return to the Moon (survival vs development) share a lot initially in terms of architecture. But, without the survival motivation, we might be diverted to Mars (national pride instead of development or survival) with a pretty significant delay before achieving a colony. Also, a lunar mission based upon survival would probably differ on what we’d do once we arrive (e.g. transporting carbon & nitrogen or the equipment to extract those ppm from the regolith).

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