Message from Brussels – Intervju med Gunnar Hökmark i Georgia Today

Despite it being the second biggest Parliament in the world, it’s still rare enough to find a member of the European Parliament who is knowledgeable about Georgia. Even rarer are those who boast a sound and thorough knowledge of the … Continue reading


All eyes on the FIFA World Cup – and on Russia – Op-Ed in EUObserver

As the FIFA World Cup sets off, everyone’s eyes will be on Russia. There are, however, plenty of other reasons for Europe to watch Russia. Kremlin’s warfare against European countries through direct attacks and through covert influence operations should be … Continue reading


Security challenges in the Eastern Partnership countries – Euronest draft report

Gunnar Hökmark är Europaparlamentets rapportör i Euronest parlamentariska församling för en kommande rapport om säkerhetsutmaningar i Östra Partnerskapsländerna och EU:s roll i att addressera dessa. Rapporten tar sin utgångspunkt i att bygga fria och suveräna samhällen som en förutsättning för … Continue reading


The misguided logic of digital taxation – Op-Ed in Euractiv

The European Commission’s proposal on digital taxation demonstrates a completely new logic of taxation. It contains all the wrongs you can achieve in one proposal, writes Gunnar Hökmark. The European Commission’s proposal on digital taxation demonstrates a completely new logic of … Continue reading


Nord Stream II aims to undermine Energy Union – Op-Ed in EUObserver

Last week, the industry and energy committee in the European Parliament voted in favour of bringing Nord Stream II under European law, re-establishing order, stability and predictability on the European energy market, as has always been the intention and ambition … Continue reading

frankfurt allgemeine

Putin divides Europe – Op-Ed in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

An English translation of the Op-Ed by the Members of the European Parliament Michael Gahler (EPP, DE) Rebecca Harms (G/EFA, DE) Laima Andrikiene (EPP,LT) VP) Petras Auštrevičius (ALDE, LT) Ana Gomes (S&D, PT) Gunnar Hökmark (EPP, SE) Sandra Kalniete (EPP, … Continue reading


Plenary speech on future EU-UK relations

View the full speech here. “Madam President, when our own mini-Trump, Mr Farage, claims here in this plenary that the European Union is bullying the United Kingdom, it is his way of informing us that he now understands the consequences of Brexit. … Continue reading


Europe’s new era – only possible with 5G – article in Euractiv

If the EU misses out on 5G it could lead to a drain of world leading tech companies in Europe (of which there are only a few), if it wants to catch up to America and China then it has … Continue reading